J2C Model Railroad Current Detection Circuit Board

Our model railroad current detection circuit board will detect locomotives and rolling stock with resistor wheels within insulated blocks on your layout. Our card is easy to install and comes in eight different configurations, to accommodate different railroad layout wiring schemes. Please feel free to download our manual if you need further assistance with your configuration.


Download the manual here: Train Current Detection Manual

Train Current Detection Features:

. Can be used with either DCC or DC
. Up to 8 Amps can be put through the board. (200 Amps Surge)
. Works with reverse blocks.
. While under DC or DCC operation a bias voltage is supplied so detection will work when power is off.
. Automatically adjusts sensitivity while under DC or DCC operation (This prevents ghost trains from wire cross talk)
. Low sensitivity (needs about 10K ohms or under to trip) (This again prevents ghost trains from wire cross talk)
. If power supply or another block is shorted detection is still valid
. Detection is valid when the train spans detected blocks.
. Interface can be Opto or Relay controlled
. If detection power supply fails or gets unplugged the connected signals drop to the red indication or occupied status.

The Model Railroad Current Detection Circuit is fully compatible with the soon to be
released J2C Signal Logic Board.

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