J2C Engineering, LLC is a fully licensed and professional applied engineering firm headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois that provides custom solutions focused on integrating electrical and mechanical engineering with in-house software and firmware development skills.  We have successfully helped clients apply technical solutions in the medical field, trucking industry, hobby market as well as industrial sensor segment.  With a focus on continuous improvement and optimization, we have helped our clients in a variety of capacities ranging from product redesign, mechanical optimization or updating technologies.

Our organization maximizes each of our individual employees as we are all stakeholders.  The broad range of our collective experience in a variety of fields allows us to leverage our capabilities into applying our knowledge of iPhone application development, C++ & Java programming, CAD/CAM programs, and circuit board design.  We also ensure the viability of our solutions by utilizing lab and field testing as we build our circuit boards and utilize our own 3D printer.

J2C provides our partners with a 100% domestic United States based solution for professional engineering services that are delivered with an honest approach, attention to deadlines, and at a fraction of the cost of larger firms.  This also means we can flex to meet your business terms as we pursue a symbiotic relationship with our customers.  If you have a problem and think no one else can help, the crew at J2C Engineering, LLC should be a constant in the technical solution equation.

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J2C Engineering llc.
Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440