The controllers need a receiver to connect to. The receiver side consists of a base station and command station. The base station is for communicating to the wireless controllers. The command station generates the DCC packet. At this point we are not offering a booster, this is the part of the system that amplifies the dcc signal to track power. We plan do this in the future. Several third-party boosters are available and we will add more information on boosters.


Some of the base station and command station Features are:


DCC Mixing

The command station can mix several DCC signals into one. Any type of NRMA dcc system is compatible. No more club debates on which DCC system to choose since more than one system can be run at a time along with the J2C controllers. Right now, 2 third party systems are supported at time. We may do 4 third party systems at a time.


DCC command Priority

The command station uses a 200Mhz micro controller for the quickest response time. Also, priority DCC for the DCC packet is setup. For example, trains changing speed are given higher priority when generating the DCC.


DCC viewing software

Available PC software can be used to monitor all the DCC commands going to the track. The software allows settings to be modified, for example, on how the DCC mixing is done, base station settings, among other settings.


Poor man’s PTC

No this is not the PTC that ties into the signal system. That is why it is called poor man’s PTC. Instead the dispatcher can override any controller and stop any train using the DCC viewing software.


USB configuration / Controller charging port.

No need for a computer so change simple setting on the base and command station. A USB charger an configuration port is available on the command station. Just plug in a wireless controller to make setting changes.


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